Will the Apple iPad Change the Real Estate Business?

There have been many rumors, thoughts and questions about the new Apple iPad. There are still some unknowns about the product but overall it stands to create a different way to conduct real estate business. The iPad offers features that will have a positive effect on Realtor marketing.Apple Tablet (iPad) Information:• Price• Portability• Paperless• User friendly:PricingThe iPad ranges in price from $500 – $1000.PortabilityPortability of the iPad makes this a sought after device in the circles of Realtor marketing. The iPad is of a size and weight to easily slip into a briefcase or bag. It should be much more portable than even a laptop. The portability of the iPad makes it desirable for those agents who do not have a traditional office and has to have computer access in nontraditional places such as their car on other locations where Wi-Fi is available.PaperlessThe tablet is to have the ability to accommodate electronic signatures as is currently used by UPS when you are sending or receiving packages. The availability of electronic signatures for contracts that can be pulled upon on the iPad may bring to reality the paperless system which was previously only been a dream. This feature is sure to provide the WOW factor for real estate clients using this technology with the iPad to close their real estate deals.User friendlyThe iPhone and various other smartphones offering touch screen technology are known to offer ease of learning. The learning curve is not very long and is actually considered to be short. If the iPad becomes heavily implanted in the world of Realtor marketing both vendors and MSL will have to pay attention and make the necessary adjustments to provide compatibility with the iPad.Vendors, Realtors, and MLS offices that have not updated or changed their websites to be compatible with the iPad should seriously consider doing so as soon as possible before the iPad is in the hands of their potential clients. Those involved in Realtor marketing with iPad compatibility will have an advantage in the market, attracting more leads with the use of this new technology.